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Drone Inspection

Remote access inspections with UAV drones are revolutionising inspection and survey methodologies. Our drone inspection services are often called upon to inspect and survey difficult-to-access high-rise building facades, structures and confined spaces, allowing critical information to be obtained without the risk to human life and property.

At Lee Consultants, our experienced engineers are drone pilots and certified infrared thermographers! We use state-of-the-art drones and imaging tools to provide more effective, efficient, seamless and safe inspections. Our expertise also extends to infrared thermal scanning and reporting to detect any building anomalies to provide clients with the answers they seek.

Periodic Facade Inspection

Bridge Inspection

Roof Inspection

Thermal Inspection

Building Efficiency & Insulation Inspection

Confined Space Inspection

Key Benefits

360º Inspection Solution

We provide end to end solutions from data capture, thermography to engineering analysis of any structure, giving you a complete 360º degree view of your property effortlessly.

High Safety Standards

Our UAV pilots and operator’s permit are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS). With Bizsafe 3 and WSQ Work-At Height certifications, we can operate safely in the fields of engineering & construction.

Advanced Thermal Analysis

Our In-housed Certified Drone Pilots and Infrared Thermographers are experienced with the latest drone equipment and thermal imaging technology which can spot anomalies, identify water leakage, structural defects, electrical faults and other potential problems.

Engineering Expertise

As engineers ourselves, we have the practical knowledge to fix problems. We channel our structural inspection expertise into detailed reports to complement visuals to give you valuable real-time investigative insights.

Efficient and Effective

Our inspection services allow you to rapidly and frequently inspect assets at height and inaccessible areas without exposing personnel to health and safety risks.

How it works


Tell Us About Your Project

Fill in the questionnaire and let us know the service you require.


Get Connected

We will reach out to you within 2 working days to discuss the next steps and confirm your project needs.


Schedule a Flight/Inspection

Once your CAAS activity permit is approved, we will arrange and send a team of pilots to your arranged location and site.


Get a Detailed Report

We will process the data captured and share with you our key insights after the inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Lee Consultants' drone pilots certified?

    Yes. Our UAV pilots and operator’s permit are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS).

    As engineers and thermographers ourselves, we have the practical knowledge to ensure a rapid yet thorough visual or thermal inspection.

    With Bizsafe 3 and WSQ Work-at-Height certifications, we can operate safely in the fields of engineering & construction.

  • What happens if it rains on the day of inspection?

    Every good pilot has a contingency plan! We try our best to apply for at least a 3-month UAV activity permit, to cater for alternative flight dates in case of inclement weather.

    The 3-month flight windows giving us flexibility for planning and execution.

  • What if the UAV permit is not approved, do I get charged?

    We are well experienced with CAAS activity permit applications. This is because we have done many drone flights across different parts of Singapore.

    Before we take on a project, we will advise our clients if the proposed flight location may be approved by CAAS.

    Lee Consultants charges S$250 for the UAV activity permit application. This is to cover for the cost of the application fees that CAAS charge, regardless of the final approval.

  • Can drones be flown at any location?

    The activity permit for drone flight is subject on CAAS’s approval.

    Different locations will however provide operational limitations & restrictions depending on your mission details.

    Some factors to consider if the location is the following:

    1. within 5km of an airport;
    2. near a prohibited area;
    3. within a danger area;
    4. is within a restricted area; and/or
    5. a protected area under Section 7 Air Navigation Act.

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