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Online Defect Consultation

Have you noticed some defects within your building/ house and are not sure what to do? Show us your defects in your home/ work environment, and we will diagnose any issues or provide recommendation and remediation tips as necessary.

One Defect per consultation. Please indicate your preferred date and time below in the appointment request. Slots are scheduled manually and are available from Mondays to Fridays between 10am to 5pm, subject to availability.

Should the defect be deemed as a serious or hazardous structural defect post our diagnosis, we would recommend an additional onsite structural defect inspection which will include a detailed report and method statement.

A working internet connection and laptop/ smartphone with camera function are required. Video call will be done via Zoom or Whatsapp Video/Voice Call. We recommend using earphones during the call.

Things to prepare:

1) Before Consultation

Fill up the form below and include the following attachments before the consultation:

a. Structural As- Built plans

b. Defect Pictures (Overview and Close up)

c. Description/ Introduction of Background/ History of Defect

2) During Consultation

You might be asked to show us your space. This will help us better understand your environment which will help with the diagnosis.

Terms and Conditions

  • All content, advice and response given are customised to the client's specific project and are not intended for general use.
  • We will assess the structural issue to the best of our abilities with the available information provided to us, e.g such as Structural As-Built plans, locations and pictures of defects.
  • This online consultation service does not provide any endorsement or warranty but general advice only.
  • This online consultation service is only for structure troubleshooting and cannot replace an onsite/ visual inspection by a Professional Engineer.
  • There will not be any written reports or documents given as part of this online consultation service.

Structural Advice from Structural Engineers

One Defect per Consultation

Assessment of structural defects from pictures or plans attached

Advice on rectification or safety precautions

No written reports or documents provided

Max duration of an hour

Key Benefits

Professional Virtual Clinic

Receive Professional Structural Engineering Advice from the comfort of your home. We respect your privacy too – this means that all your personal information are kept secure and confidential.

Qualified Expert Advice

Our panel of structural engineering experts are active practitioners and vice versa. We have the experience, expertise and tools needed to tackle your challenge, whatever it may be.

We are Multidiscplinary

Our multidisciplinary teams help clients mitigate engineering issues of all kinds and work to prevent future problems. Decades of experience enable us to quickly generate hypotheses and evaluate them based on physical evidence and interviews.

We clarify complexity

Our aim is to teach, illustrate and
communicate our ideas as clearly as possible. We are able to diagnose building deficiencies, evaluate defects and provide recommendations to reduce hazards

How it works


Tell us about the defect

Fill in the questionnaire and let us know more of the defect you would like a consultation on.


Attach and send us all supporting documents

Please send us the following supporting documents before the consultation:

1. Structural As- Built plans

2. Defect Pictures (Overview and Close up)

3. Description/ Introduction of Background/ History of Defect


Add to Cart

It is priced at S$300 per consultation per defect.


Get connected

We will reach out to you within 2 working days to fix a time for the consultation as well as confirm your project details.


Online Defect Consultation

A working internet connection and laptop/ smartphone with camera function are required. Video call will be done via Zoom or Whatsapp Video/Voice Call. We recommend using earphones during the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the common defect problems suitable for defect teleconsultation?

    There are many common structural defects locations that can be diagnosed via teleconsultation including but not limited to these:

    • Apron settlement
    • Titled Retaining wall
    • Cracked/ Spalling Beam
    • Cracked/ Spalling/ Titled Column
    • Cracked / Delaminating Wall
    • Spalling Slab
    • Delaminating Concrete

    The engineering consultant will make a reasonable diagnosis where possible from the presenting history, signs or other structural parameters where available, investigation or imaging/ picture evidence provided and recommend rectification or referral to the appropriate level of care/ repair if necessary.

  • How do I prepare for Online Consultation?

    Please send us the following documents before the consultation so that we can have a better understanding of the structural defect condition of your building:

    1. Structural As- Built plans
    2. Defect Pictures (Overview and Close up)
    3. Description/ Introduction of Background/ History of Defect
  • Do you record the consultation session?

    The video consultation session will not be recorded.

    The video consultation audio visual data is routed through the internet but not stored anywhere.

  • What are the risks and limitations of a video-consultation?

    As the engineering consultant will not be able to examine the structural defects physically during the video-consultation, they are dependent on you to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the structural defects you have observed.

    Please provide Structural As-Built plans, pictures of defect and a introduction of the background/ history of the structural defect so that we can best assess it.

  • What is the difference between Online Defect Consultation and Structural Forensics Investigation?

    Unlike a Structural Forensics Investigation, the Online Defect Consultation will only be conducted via a video/voice call and we do not go down to the site to visual inspect the defect for the Online Consultation.

    Please also note that there will not be any report or method statement provided during or after the Online Defect Consultation. The Consulting Engineer will only provide you with structural advice on the defects.

    All advice and diagnosis will be based on the information you have provided to us, such as plans, pictures of defect and background information.

  • What are the advantages of this service?

    If you are uncertain if a defect is structural in nature, we can help identify if it is.

    Being in the industry for over 40 years, we will also be able to share our wealth of experience and knowledge to help you with any structural issues.

  • What if the identified defect is serious?

    Should the defect be structural or serious in nature, we would strongly recommend that you engage a Professional Engineer to conduct an onsite investigation on the defect.

    You may wish to engage Lee Consultants (Professional Engineer) to proceed with a thorough investigation via our Structural Forensics Investigation Service.

  • How long will the call be?

    We would do our best to answer all your inquiries.

    However as a general guideline, we will limit all calls to a maximum duration of an hour.

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