Structural Forensics Investigation
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Structural Forensics Investigation

Failures within the built environment can occur any time for a variety of reasons. Our extensive experience and expertise in hands-on investigation, analysis and structural design - for all material types and vintages - enable us to effectively conduct scope-of-damage and cause-and-origin investigations.

At Lee Consultants, we thrive on big challenges. We investigate engineering problems and provide evidence-based solutions founded on rigorous science and physics. Our methods and resources enable us to assist clients with remedial actions that quickly return damaged structures to service.

Structural Failure Analysis

From construction accidents, operating mishaps or overloads to natural disasters or human-induced events – when a structure or installation is collapsed or crippled, we conduct scope-of-damage and
cause-and-origin investigations; and provide recommendations and repair programs to reduce post-accident hazards.

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Façade Failure Investigation

We offer façade evaluation services tailored to forensic investigations and litigation support, helping to resolve disputes, solve construction problems and determine cause and origin of façade failures.

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Structural Expert Witness

We apply design experience, forensic expertise, process understanding and advanced analytical tools to assist attorneys with expert witness services in dispute resolution, court hearings, arbitration or mediation. We investigate construction defects and evaluate for standard of care and for design errors and omissions.

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Flood and Drainage Investigation

We solve ponding and flooding problems for your property by using scientifically proven hydraulic methods to get to the root cause of every problem. We design practical, cost-effective repair programs for interior and exterior issues, including water intrusion, condensation, air and water infiltration, thermal issues and material failures.

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Blast and Fire Damage Investigation

We provide nuanced investigation into fires, explosions, design and construction defects. We offer process analysis, code studies, hazard analysis and cause-and-origin investigations in facilities where hazardous materials are used or processed.

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Bridge Damage Investigation

We conduct all types of condition inspections for both large, complex bridges and conventional highway bridges. Over three decades, Lee Consultants has built a reputation for excellence and accuracy in bridge inspection. We can help you enhance public safety and make strategic selections of bridges for rehabilitation.

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Key Benefits

Unmatched Expertise

With an unparalleled portfolio of investigations, we’ve got the chops to rise to every challenge – including yours. We use our structural engineering expertise, design experience, forensic skills and advanced analytical and visualisation tools to understand, communicate and resolve any problem, large and small.

Anytime, Anywhere

We are the fast movers in the field. When the worst happens, we get boots on the ground – and start you on the road to recovery.

Always Innovating

We continuously seek better ways to investigate and analyse engineering problems and share our results. We employ an ever-expanding suite of specialized tools, on our projects, such as drones and thermography.

Solutions, Not Silos

Our interdisciplinary team delivers integrated, efficient results. For any building performance issue – from water leaks to energy performance to catastrophic failures – our forensics experts dig deep to find root causes and recommend safe, effective and economical fixes.

How it works


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We get our boots on the ground

We mobilise readily to access and document the damage on site and work with you to eliminate additional losses from business interruption.


Cause & Origin Analysis

Whether we’re finding out how water is infiltrating a façade or uncovering the reason for a retractable roof failure, our approach is the same. We assemble a multidisciplinary team to construct the most complete picture of the cause and origin of property damage.


Additional Support

After the immediate crisis is under control, we offer services that provide additional support, investigation, documentation, claim support and expert testimony and design for repairs or replacement. We are here for you.


We assist attorneys, property managers, building owners, contractors, manufacturers and design professionals with a wide range of engineering and architectural issues.





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